Founded 2018 in Washington,DC. Next Generation DJ Academy is striving to help compensate for the lack of Music curriclum and hands on programs available in public schools. Our first program was to teach Beginner and Advanced classes for aspiring DJ's. Once students have  graduated to advanced classes  we then work with them through our DJ apprentice program to book events and paying  gigs under our Instructors supervision. From there we help students launch a business performing and  teach business and marketing principles to apply.


In Fall 2020 Next Generation Dj Academy will  be adding Music Production and  Audio Engineering Classes   along with Artist Management and Recording.


We are striving to empower youth through our innovative music curriclum to help nurture creativity and learning.


NGDA Mission

Our mission is to offer world class music programs to Youth of all backgrounds who lack exposure to music and art programs. Aiming to empower underprivileged kids by teaching them basic music production and curriculum to launch a career as a DJ and or Music Production. Along with our class we aim to be active mentors and provide guidance with their business ventures going forward. We exist to help fill the void left by the lack of music programs in the school system. The academy will teach youth the technical skills to perform as a DJ in various settings while encouraging a self employment mindset to develop a small business.

NGDA Vision

 Our vision is to be a top academy for our specialized curriculum in the eastern region of the United States. A major part of our vision is to expand throughout the major cities in the United States partnering with schools, recreation centers and other youth based organizations. In 3-5 years we hope to have launched the careers of at least 20 active DJ’s and then provide mentorship and guidance to those former students. We also hope to build towards after school programs and summer camps. Our music program will be in position to grow from a DJ curriculum to also incorporating Music Production, Studio Engineering and Recording.